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Strain Species Genotype
QC128 C. elegans paqr-1(tm3262) IV. Show Description
Superficially wild-type. paqr-1(tm3262) have an increased number of small lipid droplets when combined with paqr-2(tm3410) in double mutants. Reference: Svensson E, et al. PLoS One. 2011;6(6):e21343.
QC154 C. elegans paqr-2(tm3410) III; paqr-1(tm3262) IV. Show Description
This double mutant strain has a severely deformed tail tip and is intolerant of cold (will not grow then die at 15°C) and of dietary saturated fatty acids. Its cell membranes are rigid and rich in saturated fatty acids, and the strain has a small brood size, slow locomotion, permeable cells, autophagy defects as well as other phenotypes. References: Svensson E, et al. PLoS ONE 6(6):e21343. PMID: 21712952. Devkota R, et al. Genetics (in press). Volume 219, Issue 1, September 2021.
QC158 C. elegans paqr-1(et52) IV. Show Description
paqr-1 gain-of-function allele. R109C amino acid substitution isolated in a paqr-2(tm3410) suppressor screen. PCR genotyping can be done with these primers: paqr-1 seq REV: TTTCCGTGTGCAGTGACCA; paqr1_WT_REV: TGCCCTCCCTTTTTACGGCG; paqr1_mut_REV: TGCCCTCCCTTTTTACGGCA. This yields a 441 bp product. Reference: Busayavalasa K, et al. PLoS Genet. 2020 Aug 4;16(8):e1008975. PMID: 32750056