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Strain Species Genotype
NC3182 C. elegans otIs181 III; otIs138 X; otIs396. Show Description
otIs181[dat-1::mCherry + ttx-3::mCherry] III. otIs138[ser-2(prom3)::GFP + rol-6(su1006)] X. otIs396 [ace-1prom2::NLS::tagRFP]. Rollers. dat-1::mCherry labels ADE, CEP, and PDE neurons. ttx3::mCherry labels AIY neurons. ser-2(prom3)::GFP labels OLL, PDE, and PVD neurons. ace-1prom2::NLS::tagRFP labels CEP and OLL neurons. PVD can be identified by expression only GFP. An additional pair of GFP-only cells anterior to OLL are occasionally observed in this strain. Can be used to isolate PVD by FACS (green-only). Used by CeNGEN project for RNA-Seq ( Reference: Barbara O’Brien (2017) Diverse genetic and transcriptional programs mediate dendritic development of a nociceptor neuron. Ph.D Dissertation, Vanderbilt University. (