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Strain Species Genotype
OH7566 C. elegans mgIs18 unc-24(e138) nhr-67(ot407) IV; ntIs1 V; otEx3103. Show Description
mgIs18 [ttx-3p::GFP] IV. ntIs1 [gcy-5p::GFP + lin-15(+)] V. otEx3103 [elt-2::GFP]. All worms have mgIs18 and ntIs1. mgIs18 labels AIY interneurons. ntIs1 marks one GFP+ neuron (ASER) in the head. otEx3103 [elt-2::GFP] is expressed in intestinal cells; maintain by picking animals with intestinal GFP. Worms that have lost the array are Emb, Lvl, and have an ASE defect.