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Strain Species Genotype
OH707 C. elegans cog-1(ot38)/+ II; otIs114 I. Show Description
otIs114 [lim-6::GFP + rol-6(su1006)]. Rollers. Heterozygous strain. Heterozygotes should be fertile and segregate some sterile progeny. Maintain by picking plenty of animals with GFP in both ASEL and ASER; many of them will be sterile (homozygotes). otIs114 is normally expressed only in ASEL and excretory gland cell. Homozygous ot38; otIs114 is sterile and expresses GFP in both ASEL and ASER neurons. Heterozygotes display a semi-dominant, partially penetrant "ASEL + ASER" phenotype.