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Strain Species Genotype
OH17932 C. elegans linc-26(ot1227[linc-26p::SL1::tbb-2 5'UTR::GFP::H2B::loxP::sqt-1(d)::hygR::loxP::3xFLAG::tbb-2 3'UTR]) IV. Show Description
The Null Transcriptional Reporter (NuTR) cassette was used to remove the linc-23 locus resulting in a null allele and transcriptional reporter driving expression of GFP. The cassette contains the dominant sqt-1(e1350) allele that results in roller animals. Expression of Cre (via crossing into a strain expressing a germline Cre or by injection of a Cre transgene) will result in removal of the selectable markers and result in non-roller animals. Pick Rollers to retain full transgene cassette. GFP expression is seen in the male somatic gonad and extremely dim expression in hermaphrodite spermatheca.