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Strain Species Genotype
MT5300 C. elegans odr-4(n2144) III. Show Description
Defective chemotaxis to some volatile odorants: benzaldehyde, diacetyl,2,4,5-trimethyl thiazole. Chemotaxis defect is temperature sensitive.
BR5602 C. elegans tax-4(p678) III; byEx836. Show Description
byEx836 [odr-4p::tax-4::GFP + myo-2p::mCherry]. Pick mCherry+ animals to maintain. Rescues tax-4 null mutant. Expresses tax-4(+) in AWA, AWB, AWC, ADF, ASG, ASH, ASI, ASJ, ASK, ADL, PHA, and PHB sensory neurons, but not AFD sensory neurons. Reference: Liu S, Schulze E, Baumeister R. PLoS One. 2012;7(3):e32360.