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Strain Species Genotype
DG4454 C. elegans npp-12(ok2424) I/hT2 [bli-4(e937) let-?(q782) qIs48] (I;III) Show Description
Homozygous ok2424 animal are viable and fertile, but will go sterile in successive generations. Homozygous sterile deletion chromosome balanced by bli-4- and GFP-marked translocation. Heterozygotes are WT with pharyngeal GFP signal, and segregate WT GFP, arrested hT2 aneuploids, and non-GFP ok2424 homozygotes (superficially wild-type with some sterility). Homozygous hT2[bli-4 let-? qIs48] inviable. Maintain by picking GFP+ heterozygotes and checking for correct segregation of progeny to maintain a balanced stock. Derived from parental strain RB1874, originally provided to the CGC by the OMRF Knockout Group, part of the International C. elegans Gene Knockout Consortium. Paper_evidence WBPaper00041807