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Strain Species Genotype
PD2860 C. elegans pelo-1(cc2849) III; skih-2(cc2854) IV. Show Description
Temperature-sensitive. Weakly fertile at 16C; sterile at 23C. Incomplete de-repression of nonstop mRNAs. Reference: Arribere, JA and Fire, AZ. Nonsense-mediated decay triggers SKI/pelota-dependent decay in a metazoan.
PD4092 C. elegans unc-54(cc4092[unc-54::GFP::T2A::nonstop]) I. Show Description
Unc. Reporter for non-stop mRNA decay, separate from non-stop protein decay. Reference: Arribere JA & Fire AZ. ELife, vol. 7, Aug. 2018, doi:10.7554/elife.33292.