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Strain Species Genotype
CP36 C. briggsae Cbr-fem-2(nm27) III. Show Description
XX animals have no obvious phenotype: self-fertile with normal brood size. XO animals are self-fertile hermaphrodites with low brood size and some somatic gonad defects. Cbr-fem-2/+ XO animals show late-onset germline feminization. AF16 was the parental strain.
CP89 C. briggsae Cbr-fem-2(nm27) III; Cbr-fem-3(nm63) IV. Show Description
XX are self-fertile hermaphrodites.
NM2739 C. elegans aex-3(js815) X. Show Description
Aex and aldicarb resistant.
NM2775 C. elegans elks-1(js816) IV. Show Description
Superficially wild-type. Maintain under normal conditions. Reference: Deke SL, et al., J Neurosci. 2005 Jun 22;25(25):5975-83.
NM2777 C. elegans aex-6(sa24) I; rab-3(js49) II. Show Description