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Strain Species Genotype
IK174 C. elegans pkc-1(nj4) V. Show Description
Thermophilic. Defective chemotaxis to AWA- and AWC- sensed odorants except for partially defective chemotaxis to pyrazine. Partially defective chemotaxis to NaCl. Partially defective osmotic avoidance. PKA ttx-4.
IK537 C. elegans sax-7(nj48) IV. Show Description
The maintenance of neuronal cell body positions is abnormal.
IK575 C. elegans ttx-7(nj40) I. Show Description
Weak allele. Severe thermotaxis defect. Weak defects in chemitaxis. Subcellular localization of SNB-1:GFP is abnormal in RIA interneurons.
NJ469 C. elegans exc-4(rh133) I. Show Description
Formation of large round cysts in the excretory canal. The cysts begin to form shortly before hatching and is penetrant. The cysts grow in size throughout larval and adult stages, and can be lethal. The cysts form primarily at the cell body. Some of the larger cysts may be visible by low power microscopy. Slight variable defects in the tail whip.
NJ479 C. elegans unc-104(rh43) II. Show Description
NJ490 C. elegans mig-15(rh148) X. Show Description
Abnormal body shape. Unc. Severity of phenotype: rh326 > rh80 > rh148.
TQ1828 C. elegans pde-1(nj57) pde-5(nj49) I; pde-3(nj59) II; pde-2(tm3098) III. Show Description
Maintain under normal conditions. Reference: Liu J, et al (2010) Nature Neurosci 13:715-22.