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Strain Species Genotype
IK130 C. elegans pkc-1(nj3) V. Show Description
Thermophilic. Defective chemotaxis to AWA- and AWC- sensed odorants except for partially defective chemotaxis to pyrazine. Partially defective chemotaxis to NaCl. Partially defective osmotic avoidance. PKA ttx-4.
IK427 C. elegans gcy-23(nj37) IV. Show Description
Nearly normal thermotaxis behavior.
IK429 C. elegans gcy-18(nj38) IV. Show Description
Nearly normal thermotaxis behavior.
IK581 C. elegans ins-1(nj32) IV. Show Description
Reference: Kodama E, et al. Genes Dev. 2006 Nov 1;20(21):2955-60.
IK597 C. elegans gcy-23(nj37) gcy-8(oy44) gcy-18(nj38) IV. Show Description
Severe defects in thermotaxis.
IK734 C. elegans maco-1(nj34) I. Show Description
Reference: Miyara A, et al. PLoS Genet. 2011 May;7(5):e1001384.
NJ340 C. elegans exc-2(rh105) X. Show Description
Short swollen, bubbly excretory canal (resembles rh90).
NJ341 C. elegans unc-14(rh106) I. Show Description
Reduced PVP staining, Unc.
NJ363 C. elegans unc-128(rh110) X. Show Description
Extra Mab44 reactive neurons in head.
NJ365 C. elegans unc-14(rh111) I. Show Description
PVP varicosities, amphid -, phasmid - , CEP+.
NJ388 C. elegans unc-76(rh116) V. Show Description
Unc. Loss-of-function or null allele.