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Strain Species Genotype
EK224 C. elegans cmIs6 I; unc-4(e120) II. Show Description
cmIs6 [(pBR104) mbk-1::GFP + pNC4.21].
ST6 C. elegans eat-20(nc4) Show Description
Starved appearance: shorter body length, pale intestine, reduced pharyngeal pumping, smaller brood size and extended egg-laing period.
NC467 C. elegans acr-5(ok205) III. Show Description
No obvious phenotype. 2.4 kb deletion of acr-5 produced by Moulder/Barstead at OMRF.
ST60 C. elegans gcn-1(nc40) III. Show Description
Reduced brood size. Reduced phosphorylation level of eIF2alpa. Isolated as a suppressor of the ray1 phenotype of plx-1.