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Strain Species Genotype
BS585 C. elegans unc-13(e51) ozDf5 I; nDp4 (I;V)/+. Show Description
Strain gives WT hermaphrodites and dead eggs.
GR1371 C. elegans lars-2(mg312) unc-29(e1072) I; nDp4 (I;V)/+. Show Description
lars-2(mg312) unc-29(e1072) homozygotes are Unc, slow growing, sterile, and have extended life span. Balanced worms are slightly Egl, otherwise WT.
MT2936 C. elegans unc-13(e51) I; nDp4 (I;V)/+. Show Description
Animals heterozygous for the duplication are WT. Animals which have lost the duplication are Unc. Animals homozygous for the duplication are viable. They are small, sickly Egl worms which don't give rise to Uncs.
SP124 C. elegans unc-3(e151) X; mnDp4 (X;f). Show Description
Strain throws WT and Uncs. Maintain by picking WT.
SS230 C. elegans unc-13(e51) I; him-5(e1490) V; nDp4 (I;V)/+. Show Description
Animals with the Duplication are WT. Animals which have lost the Duplication are Unc. Throws males.