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Strain Species Genotype
MT1217 C. elegans egl-11(n587) V. Show Description
Egg laying defective. Retains late stage eggs. Partially temperature sensitive.
MT1590 C. elegans egl-11(n587) unc-42(e270) V. Show Description
Temperature-sensitive Egl. Reference: Genetics (1983) 104:619-47.
DMS441 C. elegans acdh-11(n5878) III; nIs590 V. Show Description
nIs590 [fat-7p::fat-7::GFP + lin15(+)] V.  The fat-7::fat-7::GFP translational reporter is activated constitutively by loss of acdh-11 function. acdh-11(n5878) is a 366 bp deletion. Reference: Ma et al., Cell. 2015 May 21; 161(5): 1152–1163.