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Strain Species Genotype
DG4105 C. elegans lfor-1(tn1652) lfor-2(tn1653) II. Show Description
Apparently wild type
KX110 C. elegans ced-9(n1653) mab-5(mu14) III; bcIs39 V. Show Description
bcIs39 [lim-7p::ced-1::GFP and lin-15(+)] V.  Temperature sensitive induction of germ cell apoptosis at 25 C. Large number of germ cells are decorated by CED-1::GFP within 48 h. Activates CED-3-mediated cleavage of IFG-1, visualized by western blot (Contreras, V., et al, 2011).
MT3970 C. elegans mab-5(mu14) ced-9(n1653) III. Show Description
Temperature sensitive. About 50% HSN missing. Mab confirmed by Hillel Schwartz 12/5/00. Rec'd new stock from Horvitz lab 12/2000. [NOTE: The genotype of this strain was incorrectly described as carrying mab-5(mu114); however, the actual allele is mab-5(mu14).]