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Strain Species Genotype
CF4592 C. elegans muIs253 II; unc-119(ed3) III; his-3(mu496[his-3::sfGFP11]) V. Show Description
muIs253 [eft-3p::sfGFP1-10::unc-54 3'UTR + Cbr-unc-119(+)] II. Somatic expression of sfGFP1-10 (under the control of the eft-3 promoter and the unc-54 3'UTR). GFP11 tag inserted into endogenous his-3 locus via CRISPR/Cas9 insertion into parental strain CF4587. Reference: Goudeau J, et al. Genetics. 2021 Apr 15;217(4):iyab014. doi: 10.1093/genetics/iyab014. PMID: 33693628