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Strain Species Genotype
CF491 C. elegans pry-1(mu38) I; him-5(e1490) V. Show Description
Very sick, Muv, Scrawny. Extra rays in males in body. Ectopic expression of lin-39, mab-5, egl-5. Cold sensitive - grows better at 25C.
KN689 C. elegans axl-1(tm1095) pry-1(mu38) I; muIs32 II; huEx83. Show Description
muIs32 [mec-7p::GFP + lin-15(+)] II. huEx83 [pry-1p::axl-1::GFP + myo-2p::GFP]. Pick animals with GFP+ pharynx to maintain. Reference: Oosterveen et al. (2007) Dev Biol 308: 438-48.
PS5551 C. elegans pry-1(mu38)/hIn1 [unc-54(h1040)] I; syIs188. Show Description
syIs188 [POPTOP + unc-119(+)]. Maintain by picking non-Uncs. syIs188 suppresses pry-1(mu38) Muv phenotype. Do not distribute this strain; other labs should request it from the CGC. This strain cannot be distributed to commercial organizations. This strain cannot be used for any commercial purpose or for work on human subjects.