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Strain Species Genotype
JC1225 C. elegans mrp-1(ut153) X. Show Description
Synthetic Daf at 15C when in an unc-31(e169) background.
NL147 C. elegans mrp-1(pk89) Show Description
mrp-1 deletion mutant. WT under normal lab conditions. Sensitive to cadmium and arsenite.
CB6991 C. elegans mrp-1(pk89) bus-5(br19) X. Show Description
Skiddy hermaphrodites, bleach-sensitive, drug-hypersensitive, abnormal bacterial pathogen resistance. Reference: Stroud et al (in preparation).
NL152 C. elegans pgp-1(pk17) IV; pgp-3(pk18) X; mrp-1(pk89) Show Description
pgp-1, pgp-3 and mrp-1 triple deletion mutant. Hypersensitive to cadmium and arsenite.
NL161 C. elegans pkEx589. Show Description
pkEx589 [mrp-1::lacZ + rol-6(su1006)]. Rollers. Maintain by picking Rol.