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Strain Species Genotype
CGC121 C. elegans mir-785(umn32[lox2272 myo-2p::wrmScarlet + lox511I sqt-1(d) hsp::CRE HygR lox511I + lox2272]) X. Show Description
mir-785 pre-miRNA deletion strain deletion allele in which mir-785 pre-miRNA was replaced by myo-2p::wrmScarlet. Rollers. Generated in parental strain N2. [NOTE: Low levels of Cre activity can lead to excision of the SEC, causing the strain to lose the Roll phentoype. Pick Rollers to retain full transgene cassette.]
IMN32 C. elegans arf-1.2(ok796) III; glt-3(bz34) IV; nuIs5 V. Show Description
nuIs5 [glr-1::GFP + glr-1::G(alpha)s(Q227L) V + lin-15(+)] V. Reference: Tehrani N, et al. (2014) PLoS One 9(11):e113060.
SP144 C. elegans him-1(e879) I; mnC1 [dpy-10(e128) unc-52(e444)]/unc-4(e120) let-32(mn32) II. Show Description
Hets are WT and segregate WT, dead eggs, paralysed DpyUnc and males. Maintain by picking WT.