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Strain Species Genotype
SX1316 C. elegans mjIs144 II; unc-119(ed3) III. Show Description
mjIs144 [mex-5p::GFP::his-58::21UR-1target::tbb-2 3'UTR + unc-119(+)] II. piRNA sensor strain. Single copy inserted into ttTi5605 (MosSCI). Superficially wild-type with loss of piRNA sensor silencing in piRNA pathway mutants (e.g. prg-1). GFP is silenced in wild-type, expressed in piRNA pathway mutants and can be used as a simple read-out for piRNA pathway function. Reference: Bagijn MP, et al. Science. 2012 Aug 3;337(6094):574-8.
SX3073 C. elegans mjIs588 II; unc-119(ed3) III Show Description
mjIs588 [mex-5p::GFP::his-58::21UR-1target::tbb-2 3'UTR + unc-119(+)] II. mjIs588 was derived by removing introns 2 and 3 from the construct used to generate the mjIs144 transgene. Single copy inserted into ttTi5605 (MosSCI). Superficially wild-type. mjIs588 GFP is silenced in wild-type animals and de-silenced in hrde-1 mutant animals. Reference: Akay A, et al. Dev Cell. 2017 Aug 7;42(3):241-255.e6.