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Strain Species Genotype
BOX218 C. elegans erm-1(mib19[erm-1[T544A]::GFP]) I. Show Description
Homozygous viable. Endogenous erm-1 locus tagged with eGFP and modified to mimic non-phosphorylated ERM-1(T544). Variant affects ERM-1 localization and dynamics. Reduced brood size, increased embryonic and larval lethality. eGFP-tagged ERM-1 is not fully functional: animals have a reduced brood size and incomplete outgrowth of the excretory canal, but show no other developmental or morphological abnormalities. The penetrance of intestinal phenotypes is slightly higher than in untagged T544 mutants, presumably owing to a detrimental influence of the COOH-terminal GFP tag. Reference: Ramalho JJ, et al. Development. 2020 Jul 22;147(14):dev188011. PMID: 32586975