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Strain Species Genotype
CT8 C. elegans lin-41(ma104) I. Show Description
Dpy. Precocious heterochronic. Reduced brood size. There may be a linked Dpy mutation in this strain.
NOA3 C. elegans lin-41(ma104) I; lin-12(n137n460) III. Show Description
VT1143 C. elegans lin-41(ma104) I; nDf51 V; mir-84(n4037) X. Show Description
Retarded heterochronic phenotype, reiteration of L2-stage program resulting in extra seam cells by the L3 stage and incomplete alae formation. nDf51 is a 5930 bp deletion starting 1762 bp upstream of mir-241, removing mir-241, mir-48, and F56A12.6 (snoRNA).