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Strain Species Genotype
DR2281 C. elegans daf-9(m540) X. Show Description
Forms dauer larvae non-conditionally but only arrests at dauer stage for 1-2 days, then grows to adult. daf-c but not ts - can grow at 15C or 20C.
NM5402 C. elegans jsSi1579 II; bqSi711 IV. Show Description
jsSi1579 [loxP::rpl-28p::FRT::GFP::his-58 FRT3] II. bqSi711 [mex-5p::FLP::SL2::mNG + unc-119(+)] IV. Dual component RMCE landing site on Chr II adjacent to the site of the commonly used ttTi5605 MosSCi insertion site.