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Strain Species Genotype
DR1408 C. elegans daf-16(m26) I; age-1(m333) II. Show Description
Egl phenotype, viable. Lethality and Daf-c phenotype of m333 suppressed by daf-16 (m333 alone is a maternal-effect non-conditional dauer constitutive). age-1(m333) pka daf-23(m333).
DR722 C. elegans age-1(m333)/mnC1 [dpy-10(e128) unc-52(e444)] II. Show Description
WT phenotype, segregates WT, Egl (age-1 homozygotes) and DpyUncs. Egl animals give all non-recovering dauer larvae (m333 shows maternal effect), with variable radial shrinkage and variable resistance to 1% SDS. Pick WT to maintain and check for correction segregation of progeny. age-1(m333) pka daf-23(m333).