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Strain Species Genotype
MQ853 C. elegans mau-2(qm160) I. Show Description
100% Unc. 100% Egl. 15% Lid.
SP1234 C. elegans dyf-2(m160) III. Show Description
Defective in dye filling (FITC or DiO) of amphid and phasmid neurons. Chemotaxis defective.
WM160 C. elegans sago-1(tm1195) V. Show Description
Deficient in somatic RNAi.
DM1602 C. elegans hsp-1(ra807) IV; unc-23(e25) V. Show Description
Superficially wild-type. Temperature-sensistive. Maintain at 15C. hsp-1(ra807) is a missense allele that replaces the conserved Ala379 residue to a Val residue in the ATPase domain of the HSP-1 protein and fully suppresses the bent-head phenotype of unc-23(e25). Animals are sterile or arrest development as larvae at when grown at 20-25C. Reference: Rahmani P, Rogalski T, Moerman DG. (2015) Worm. In press.