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Strain Species Genotype
MT18778 C elegans nIs348 IV; lin-15AB(n765) X. Show Description
nIs348 [ceh-28p::4XNLS::mCherry + lin-15(+)] IV. Reporter construct contains 2.4 kb of ceh-28 promoter. Reference: Hirose T, et al. Proc Natl Acad Sci. 2010 Aug 31;107(35):15479-84. PMID: 20713707
MT19110 C. elegans nIs363 X. Show Description
nIs363 [D2096.6 (1.7kb UP)::pes-10::4xNLS::GFP + lin-15AB(+)]. Reference: Nakano S, et al. Development. 2010 Dec;137(23):4017-27 [NOTE (Aug 2019): the nIs363 trasngene in this strain was previously described as nIs363 [D2096.6 (1.7kb UP)::4xNLS-GFP] X.]
MT21910 C elegans lin-15AB(n765) X; nEx2065. Show Description
nEx2065 [gur-3p::GFP + lin-15(+)]. Maintain by picking non-Muv. GFP expression in I2, I4, AVD and PVC. Reference: Bhatla N & Horvitz HR. Neuron. 2015 Feb 18;85(4):804-18. PMID: 25640076.