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Strain Species Genotype
UL8 C. elegans leIs8. Show Description
leIs8 [unc-5::lacZ + rol-6(su1006)]. Rollers. B-galactosidase expression was observed in the spermathecaeand the three rectal epithelial cells. Staining in the rectal area first observed in L1 larvae whilst expression in the spermathecae appeared as the structure formed in L4 larvae. Variable staining was also seen throughout the uterus. In the mature gonad staining appeared to be in two sets of two toroidal epithelial cells Ut-1 and Ut-2. Staining was also observed in the large H shpaed Use cell which attaches the uterus to the seam cells and the four epithelial cells Ut-1 and Ut-2. The Uv cells did not appear to stain. Individual worms often just showed one component of this expression. In males the expression was observed to be displayed in all or part of the procodeum. plasmid name: pUL#38E12. plasmid backbone: pPD22.11. Partial Sau3A fragments cloned into BamH1 site of vector.