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Strain Species Genotype
MH2805 C. elegans kuIs70. Show Description
kuIs70 [alr-1p::GFP + rol-6(su1006)]. Rollers. alr-1p::GFP expression is visible in embryonic and adult tissues. Reference: Tucker M, et al. Mol Biol Cell. 2005 Oct;16(10):4695-704.
TU6276 C. elegans uIs115; kuIs70. Show Description
uIs115 [mec-17p::RFP]. kuIs70 [alr-1p::GFP + rol-6(su1006)]. Rollers. PVM neurons are marked with RFP, allowing FACS sorting by subtraction: FACS sort red cells only to exclude exclude other neurons that are marked with either GFP or both RFP & GFP. Used by CeNGEN project for RNA-Seq (