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Strain Species Genotype
MH37 C. elegans mpk-1(ku1) unc-32(e189) III. Show Description
Unc. ku1 pka sur-1(ku1).
KU12 C. elegans dlk-1(km12) I. Show Description
LH191 C. elegans lrp-1(ku156) eqIs1 I; rrf-3(pk1426) II. Show Description
eqIs1 [lrp-1::GFP] I. eqIs1 is a spontaneous insertion of an lrp-1::GFP transgene extremely close to the endogenous lrp-1 gene that completely rescues lrp-1(ku156) Mlt and larval lethality. Reference: Kang YL, et al. Mol Biol Cell. 2013 Feb;24(3):308-18.
MH1019 C. elegans soc-2(ku167) IV. Show Description
No obvious phenotype alone. ku167 suppresses let-60(n1046). Previously called sur-8.
MH1131 C. elegans soc-2(ku167) let-60(n1046) IV. Show Description
Less than 5% Muv. Previously called sur-8(ku167).
MH1157 C. elegans him-5(e1490) V; egl-13(ku194) X. Show Description
ku194 is a loss of function allele, likely to be molecular null. Connection of gonad defective, >95% Egl. Anchor cell and uterine seam cell do not fuse. Males can mate. Hermaphrodites are very difficult to mate. Previously called cog-2(ku194).
MH1292 C. elegans sur-6(ku123) I. Show Description
Weak Vul phenotype. Suppressor of gain-of-function Ras. ku123 causes a C302Y substitution.
MH1301 C. elegans unc-83(ku18) V. Show Description
Point mutation W257-> stop codon. Disrupts P cell nuclear migration at 25C. This leads to an Egl, Unc worm. P cell nuclear migration is normal at 15C. hyp7 nuclear migration is normal at all temperatures.
MH210 C. elegans lrp-1(ku156)/gld-1(q266) I. Show Description
Heterozygotes are WT and segregate WT, sterile hermaphrodites (gld-1 homozygotes) and larvae that are often stuck in an old cuticle or have old cuticle attached to their posteriors (arrest by L4 stage).
MH2211 C. elegans unc-29(e1072); sur-6(ku123); kuIs57. Show Description
kuIs57 [col-10p::lin-45(gf) + sur-5::GFP]. Reference: Yoder JH, et al. EMBO J. 2004 Jan 14;23(1):111-9.
MH538 C. elegans mek-2(ku114) I; let-60(n1046) IV. Show Description
MH620 C. elegans lin-45(ku112) dpy-20(e1282) IV. Show Description
Weak hypomorphic allele of lin-45. Animals are Dpy but otherwise appear normal. Occasional larval lethality.
MH801 C. elegans sur-7(ku119) X. Show Description
No obvious morphological phenotype on its own. Good suppressor of Muv of let-60(n1046).
PJ1105 C. elegans mek-2(ku114) I; let-60(ga89) IV; ccIs55 V. Show Description
ccIs55 [unc-54::lacZ + sup-7(st5)] V. Occasional bags and L1 lethality. ga89 is temperature sensitive. Maintain at 16C.
PJ1124 C. elegans mek-2(ku114) I; clr-1(e1745) II; ccIs55 V. Show Description
ccIs55 [unc-54::lacZ + sup-7(st5)] V. Egl. Bags at high frequency. Semi-Clr.