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Strain Species Genotype
NM5178 C. elegans jsTi1492 II. Show Description
jsTi1492 [LoxP::mex-5p::FLP::SL2::mNeonGreen::rpl-28p::FRT::GFP::his-58::FRT3] II. jsTi1492 is prone to silencing; pick animals with GFP+ germlines to maintain. jsTi1492 is an RMCE landing site inserted using miniMos located on Chr II at at 3,160,571 (WB273 genome; -8.14 m.u.) inserted in a repeat region between sri-34 and fbxc-55. Insertsion site ttttttgcaaaaaagtgcagtcataTAtgtatgtaaaaaattaattgaagac with rpl-28 transcription toward sri-34. Insertion site is ambiguous but likely near the edge of sri-34 side of the repeat region. Reference: Nonet ML. Genetics. 2020.