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Strain Species Genotype
NM1448 C. elegans jsIs37 rpm-1(js410) V. Show Description
jsIs37 [mec-7p::snb-1::GFP) + lin-15(+)]. Superficially wild-type. snb-1::GFP expression in a subset of mechanosensory neurons; GFP is faint and can only be seen on a compound microscope. Reduced SNB-1::GFP localization to synaptic regions; slighty Dpy. js410 has linked phenotype of reduced brood size. js410 is an R->Stop at aa 235. snb-1::GFP is expressed in mechanosensory neurons visible in the cell body and in the axon (very low levels). GFP puncta absent from the ventral nerve cord due to rpm-1 lesion.