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Strain Species Genotype
KK1248 C. elegans par-6(it310[par-6::GFP]) I. Show Description
Superficially wild-type. Made in N2 background. [NOTE: There was an error in the information originally submitted to the CGC for this strain. The correct allele name is par-6(it310), not par-6(it319).]
KK1254 C. elegans par-2(it315[mCherry::par-2]) III. Show Description
par-2(it315) exhibits a weak maternal effect sterility, suggesting that the tag reduces the protein activity. Note, however, that double homozygous mutants of it315 with pkc-3(it309) or par-6(it310) exhibited partially penetrant and variable maternal effect lethality and maternal effect sterility that was stronger than it315 alone. Thus, although the GFP tags on pkc-3 and par-6 show no effect in an otherwise wild-type background, they do seem to somewhat compromise the activity of the proteins they tag. Made in N2 background.