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Strain Species Genotype
BP395 C. elegans hyEx167. Show Description
hyEx167 [4.5kb aff-1p::GFP transcriptional fusion + rol-6(su1006)]. Shows cytoplasmic GFP expression in embryonic hyp5. In L1 hermaphrodite larva, aff-1::GFP is expressed in pharyngeal muscle 3 and 5, in sheath cells of chemosensory neurons, and in tail neurons. In L3 hermaphrodites, the transgene is expressed in the anchor cell; this expression proceeds in L4 along with expression in the utse cells, the seam cells and cells of vulval rings A and D. In adults, aff-1::GFP is expressed in the sheath cells of chemosensory neurons and in head interneurons, uterus toroids 2 and 4, in the vulva VulD, utse, and seam cells. Worms of hyEx167 are slightly Egl. Maintain by picking Rollers.