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Strain Species Genotype
STR200 C. elegans hrtIs3; hrtEx54. Show Description
hrtIs3 [des-2p::myr::GFP + unc-122p::DsRed]. hrtEx54 [des-2p::mKate::SpvB + unc-119(+) + lin-48p::tdTomato]. Pick animals with tdTomato expression in the tail to maintain. Myristylated GFP marker for PVD. PVD development is severely affected by low levels of actin-perturbing DeAct-SpvB expression in PVD and FLP. Phenotype is more severe than that of DeAct-GS1 expressing strains STR198 and STR199. Reference: Harterink M, et al. J Cell Sci. 2018 Oct 22;131(20):jcs223107. PMID: 30254025.