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Strain Species Genotype
MQD1779 C. elegans daf-2(hq63[daf-2::ICR::NLS::gfp::mNeonGreen::NLS]) III. Show Description
Nuclear Ultrabright GFP::mNeonGreen Fluorescent protein (NuGFP) tag inserted downstream of the endogenous daf-2 gene locus by CRISPR/Cas9 engineering. NuGFP cassette is composed of an intercistronic region (ICR) from the C. elegans SL2-type operon, a SV40 nuclear localization sequence (NLS), the coding sequence of GFP, the coding sequence of mNeonGreen, and egl-13 NLS. The expression of NuGFP is tied to that of the endogenous daf-2, but after trans-splicing, the NuGFP protein is synthesized independently of DAF-2. This high-sensitivity daf-2 expression reporter was readily detectable in most C. elegans cells throughout development and adulthood. Reference: Zhang Y, et al. BioRxiv. 2021 Aug 2. 2007.2031.454567.