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Strain Species Genotype
MQD2884 C. elegans vit-2(ok3211) vit-1(hq532) X. Show Description
hq532 is a CRISPR-engineered knockout of vit-1 in vit-2(ok3211) background removing 8 bp from the third exon of vit-1: WT sequence AAAGCATTGAGAAGGAGTCCACAACTGTTGTCCGCGGACGCCGTATCCAAACCGGAATCACG mutated to AAAGCATTGAGAAGGAGTCCACAAC--------GCGGACGCCGTATCCAAACCGGAATCACG. For genotyping, the following primers will produce ~800 bp DNA fragment that can be sequenced. Forward primer: TACCAACGTGTTGCTATCGTTTGCTC. Reverse primer: TTGCTCGAAGAGTGGGGTGAACATTCTC. Strain does not express vit-1 or vit-2. Reference: Zhai C, et al. bioRxiv 2022.06.27.497668; doi: