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Strain Species Genotype
TBD307 C.elegans dhc-1(he255[epdz::mCherry::dhc-1]) I; utdSi51 II. Show Description
utdSi51[mex-5p::tomm-20(aa 1-55)::halotag::lov::tbb-2 3Â’UTR] II. Maintain at 23C and protect from light. Strain is sickly, seems to grow best and lay more eggs at 23C. Upon stimulation with 488nm light, the LOV-ePDZ optogenetic system will recruit mitochondria to the dynein heavy chain in the worm embryo. Embryonic cell divisions can be stopped by if mitochondrial recruitment is stimulated in early development. Room light can also induce mitochondria re-localization and cause infertility; store this strain in the dark. Reference: Fan X, et al. G3 (accepted).