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Strain Species Genotype
KR344 C. elegans let-363(h98) dpy-5(e61) unc-13(e450) I; sDp2 (I;f). Show Description
Animals with the Dup are Unc. Animals which have lost the Dup are DpyUnc and arrest in late larval development. See also WBPaper00005456.
KR1594 C. elegans dpy-5(e61) let-542(h986) unc-13(e450)/szT1 [lon-2(e678) unc-29(e403)] I; +/szT1 X. Show Description
Heterozygotes are WT and segregate WT, arrested DpyUncs, Lon males and large number of aneuploid progeny (arrested embyros or larvae). Note that unc-29 is outside the recombination-suppressed region of szT1 and may cross off resulting in Unc-29 progeny. Pick WT and check for correct segregation of progeny to maintain. This strain was generated by the Genetic Toolkit project, which should be acknowledged in any publications resulting from its use: The Genetic Toolkit is funded by the NIH National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) (USA) to Ann M. Rose, David L. Baillie, and Donald L. Riddle. Report all experimental results to Ann Rose.
OH9838 C. elegans otIs232; otEx4359. Show Description
otIs232 [che-1p::mCherry(C. elegans-optimized)::che-1 3'UTR + rol-6(su1006)]. Rollers. mCherry expression in ASER and ASEL. otEx4359 [die-1(prom8)::2NLS::YFP + elt-2::DsRed]. Pick animals with dsRed+ intestinal nuclei to maintain otEx4359. otEx4359 carries a minimal (1 kb) promoter driving 2NLS::YFP only in ASEL.
OH9846 C. elegans otIs305 ntIs1 V. Show Description
ntIs1 [gcy-5p::GFP + lin-15(+)] V. otIs305 [hsp16-2p::che-1::3xHA::BLRP + rol-6(su1006)] V; injected as complex array with Pvu II bacterial DNA. Rollers. Rol is prone to silencing in otIs305, but hsp transgene is still active in Hobert Lab assays. otIs305 is homozygous by PCR analysis (Hobert). Reference: Tursun B, et al. Science. 2011 Jan 21;331(6015):304-8.
OH9882 C. elegans otEx4390. Show Description
otEx4390 [8xASE::GFP::cog-1 3'UTR + rol-6(su1006)]. Maintain by picking Rollers.