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Strain Species Genotype
KR563 C. elegans let-573(h247) dpy-5(e61) unc-13(e450) I; sDp2 (I;f). Show Description
Animals with the duplication are Unc. Animals which have lost the duplication are DpyUnc and arrest in early larval development.
LH247 C. elegans lad-2(tm3056) IV; otEx331. Show Description
otEx331 [lad-2p::GFP + pha-1(+)]. Axon guidance defects in SDQ, PLN and SMD neurons. Maintain under normal conditions. Not known if pha-1 is still present in background; maintain by picking GFP+ animals. Reference: Wang X, et al. J Cell Biol. 2008 Jan 14;180(1):233-46.
MAH247 C. elegans sqIs25. Show Description
sqIs25 [atg-18p::atg-18::GFP + rol-6(su1006)]. GFP+ Rollers. Derived by integration of sqEx4 in MAH145. Reference: McQuary et. al., Cell Report. 2016 doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2016.02.012.
JH2471 C. elegans unc-119(ed3) III; axIs1775. Show Description
axIs1775 [pie-1p::GFP::histone H2B:gld-1 M1M2 3'utr + unc-119(+)]. Transgene is prone to silencing -- maintain at 25C. Pick wild-type worms to maintain.
OH2475 C. elegans otIs157. Show Description
otIs157 [lim-6r::GFP + rol-6(su1006)].