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Strain Species Genotype
ZT56 C. elegans fjSi19 II; unc-119(ed3) III. Show Description
fjSi19 [rpl-21p::2×HA::C04F12.1 + Cbr-unc-119(+)] II. Single-copy insertion in the MosSCI locus ttTi5605 (LG II). The 2×HA::C04F12.1 transgene was designed to express a protein with a double HA tag at its N-terminus, using a strong ubiquitous promoter (rpl-21p). The linker sequence between the two HA tags has a NotI site. The insertion can be checked by PCR with the following primers: GGAGCCGATTTGTTCCAGTC (at the 3'-side of C04F12.1) and ATCGGGAGGCGAACCTAACTG (near ttTi5605 on LG II). vsra-1 is also known as csr-2/C04F12.1. Reference: Tabara H, et al. (2023) A small RNA system ensures accurate homologous pairing and unpaired silencing of meiotic chromosomes. EMBO J, e105002.