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Strain Species Genotype
QC153 C. elegans fld-1(et46) I. Show Description
The fld-1(et46) loss-of-function mutation has no obvious phenotype on its own but can act as a paqr-2 suppressor. fld-1(et46) carries a mutation in the splice acceptor site of intron 4, i.e. G>A. It can be detected using PCR with annealing at 65°C and using the following primers: et46_WT: atcccccaaaaaacccaatttttttgtag; et46_mut:atcccccaaaaaacccaatttttttgtaa; et46_rev: CCGGAATTGAGACCACctggaac. Expected product size: 389. Reference: Ruiz M, et al. eLife 7:e40686. PMID: 30509349