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Strain Species Genotype
HX103 C. elegans chd-3(eh4) X. Show Description
T14G8.1 Deletion of 2018 bp of T14G8.1 [nucleotide 3699 (in exon 4) joined to 1682 (in exon 6)]. No phenotype observed.
EH487 C. elegans inx-3(lw68) X; lwEx27. Show Description
lwEx27 [inx-3::GFP]. inx-3(lw68) embryos display a wide range of developmental defects. All L1s that manage to hatch have a Pun (pharynx unattached) phenotype. inx-3::GFP transgene rescues lw68 to wild-type. Pick L2s or later to maintain. Reference: Starich, et al., 2003. Dev. Biol. 256:403.