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Strain Species Genotype
DP132 C. elegans edIs6 IV. Show Description
edIs6 [unc-119::GFP + rol-6(su1006)] IV. Strong Roller phenotype. Hets are not Rollers (despite the presence of the supposedly dominant su1006 mutation in the array), so heterozygous males mate well. edIs6 is the integration of an array carrying pDP#MMUGF12 and pRF4. pDP#MMUGD12 ia an unc-119::GFP fusion that encodes 101 aa of UNC-119 and was made from the Fire lab vector pPD95.77. pRF4 is the rol-6(su1006) plasmid that gives a Rol phenotype. This strain allows the nervous system to be visualized by GFP fluorescence. GFP expression starts in the early embryo and continues through adulthood in most, if not all, of the nervous system. The expression of a similar lacZ fusion (but carrying a nuclear localizing signal) is described in Genetics 141: 977-988 1995.