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Strain Species Genotype
CB2627 C. elegans lin-4(e912)/dpy-10(e128) II. Show Description
Heterozygotes are WT and segregate WT, Dpy and Vulvaless. Maintain by picking WT.
DR721 C. elegans lin-4(e912) II. Show Description
Completely vulvaless. Long. Uncoordinated. Somewhat clear.
MT1538 C. elegans lin-28(n719) I; lin-4(e912) II. Show Description
MT18023 C. elegans lin-4(e912) II; mir-237(n4296) X. Show Description
Reference: Alvarez-Saavedra E, Horvitz HR. (2010) Curr Biol. 20(4):367-73.
MT3316 C. elegans lin-4(e912)/mnC1 [dpy-10(e128) unc-52(e444)] II. Show Description
MT5790 C. elegans lin-4(e912) II; nIs2 IV. Show Description
nIs2 [lin-11::lacZ + lin-11(+)] IV. Vul. Integrated on IV near dpy-20.
MT862 C. elegans lin-4(e912) II; lin-14(n360) X. Show Description
VT509 C. elegans lin-4(e912) II; maEx114. Show Description
maEx114 [lin-4(+) + rol-6(su1006)]. Pick Rollers to maintain. lin-4 loss-of-function is rescued by the maEx114 extrachromosomal array expressing lin-4 microRNA. Reference: Lee RC, et al. Cell. 75, 843-854.
VT573 C. elegans lin-4(e912) II; lin-14(n179) X. Show Description
lin-14(n179) is temperature-sensitive. lin-4; lin-14 double mutant may be maintained at 20C.