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Strain Species Genotype
CB4227 C. elegans sup-34(e2227) I; unc-24(e138) dpy-20(e2017) IV. Show Description
sup-34 is dominant amber suppressor: weak suppression of Unc, medium suppression of Dpy.
CB5638 C. elegans sup-34(e2227)/+ I; tra-3(e1107) IV; xol-1(y9) X. [XX hermaphrodites and tra-3; xol-1 XX males] Show Description
Male/hermaphrodite strain, propagate by crossing. Fertile XX hermaphrodites and fertile XX males. Obligate XX strain with sex determined by amber-suppressing tRNA, sup-34. Reference: Strain 14 in Hodgkin (2002) PMID: 12399387.