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Strain Species Genotype
CB3440 C. elegans anc-1(e1873) I. Show Description
e1873 allele is the only anc-1 allele in which the molecular lesion has been identified (Starr and Han, 2002) and is considered by the authors to be the reference allele. e1873 does not revert, unlike most other alleles of anc-1. Reference: Hedgecock and Thomson. Cell. 1982 Aug;30(1):321-30. Starr and Han. Science. 2002 Oct 11;298(5592):406-9.
XE1873 C. elegans aex-6(sa24) I; oxIs12 X. Show Description
oxIs12 [unc-47p::GFP] X. GFP expression in GABA neurons. aex-6 a.k.a. rab-27. Reference: Sekine Y, et al. Cell reports. 2018; 23(2):415-428.