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Strain Species Genotype
CB2823 C. elegans tra-1(e1488) III; eDp6 (III;f). Show Description
Balanced well. Animals with the duplication are WT. Animals which have lost the duplication have a hermaphrodite gonad and intestine (they are self-fertile); the rest of the body is male.
CB4890 C. elegans smg-2(e2008) I; tra-1(e1488) III. Show Description
Intersexual self-fertile XX hermaphrodites with Smg (protruding vulva) phenotype. Grows poorly, does best at 20C. Class B1 allele of tra-1 combined with smg-2(NMD), useful for selection of modifiers. Reference: Zarkower et al. (1994) PMID: 7520378