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Strain Species Genotype
CB1313 C. elegans egl-17(e1313) X. Show Description
Egg-laying defective. Moderate to severe bloating. 30% make bags of worms. Males mate. [NOTE: Probably contains a tightly linked mutation which cannot be crossed off. Use MT3188 as reference strain. Michael Stern 6\97]
FX11552 C. elegans vps-45(tm246)/egl-17(e1313) lon-2(e678) X. Show Description
Heterozygotes are WTand segregate WT, Egl Lon, and tm246 homozygotes (temperature sensitive lethal which can be maintained as homozygotes at 15C). tm246 homozygotes have endocytosis defects in oocytes and coelomocytes at 25C. Attribution: This strain was generated by the National Bioresource Project at the Tokyo Women's Medical University School of Medicine, which is part of the International C. elegans Gene Knockout Consortium, which should be acknowledged in any publications resulting from its use. Paper_evidence WBPaper00041807
MT1460 C. elegans egl-17(e1313) lon-2(e678) unc-18(e81) X. Show Description
Egl. Lon. Unc.
MT1565 C. elegans egl-17(e1313) lon-2(e678) X. Show Description
Long. Egl.
MT3351 C. elegans egl-17(e1313) unc-1(e580) X. Show Description
Egl. Unc.