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Strain Species Genotype
BE108 C. elegans sqt-2(sc108) II. Show Description
Homozygotes are squat and heterozygotes are right rollers.
CB108 C. elegans vab-5(e108) ?. Show Description
Notched head. M-MATING++++ >30%WT.
CB3273 C. elegans lon-2(e678) mec-2(e75) X. Show Description
Long. Mechanosensory Abnormal. [NOTE: originally described as carrying e1084, this strain actually carries the e75 allele. The lesion has been verified by sequence analysis. (11/26/2018)]
XE1089 C. elegans sup-17(n316) I; oxIs12 X; wpEx22. Show Description
oxIs12 [unc-47p::GFP] X. GFP expression in GABA neurons. wpEx22 [myo-3p::sup-17 + myo-2p::GFP]. Pick animals with GFP+ pharynx to maintain array. Muscular expression of SUP-17 from wpEx22 rescues sup-17(n316). Reference: El Bejjani R, Hammarlund M. Neuron. 2012; 73(2):268-78.