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Strain Species Genotype
AA278 C. elegans dhIs59. Show Description
dhIs59 [Topo::daf-9::GFP + lin-15(+)]. Perinuclear expression in a ventral pair of bilateral neurons identified as the IL1Vs or URAVs in the anterior ganglia. By mid-L2, expression in the cytoplasm of the hypodermis, the syncitial epidermis, but absent from midline, epidermal seam cells. Levels peak around the L2 molt and diminish during L4. In some cases, transient expression seen in the L3 vulval blast cells. Also expressed within the hermaphrodite spermatheca starting in late L4 larvae and continuing eve in old adults. In males, expression in IL1V/URAVs and hypodermis but not somatic gonad. In dauer larvae, strong expression in IL1V/URAV and specifically extends into axonal but not dendritic processes. In post-dauer stages, expression in a pattern similar to reproductively growing animals, except expression is absent in the hypodermis. Grow at 20C. May still contain lin-15(n765) mutation in the background.